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Minnie Mysteries

Minnie's Book of Animals

(Board Book)

By Andrea Posner-Sanchez

El Libro De Animales De Minnie
Spanish Edition Also Available
Minnie loves all kinds of animals. In this adorable board book, she introduces toddlers to baby animals, farm animals, wild animals, and more!

Description from Publisher

Disney's Minnie Mouse: Shopping With Minnie and Daisy

By Gita Lloyd and Frank Mateu
Children can tag along with Minnie and Daisy for an adventurous day of shopping. This coloring book features a special die-cut handle so that it can be carried along anywhere.

Description from Publisher

Vacation Time

Good Morning, Baby Minnie!

(Board Book)

By Alan Benjamin

The Magic Grinder

(Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
Lord Gurr is taught a lesson about greed when he takes Minnie's magic grinder.

Description from Publisher

Disney's Fairy Tale Theater Presents Mickey and Minnie in Rapunzel

Minnie: Disney's Friendly Tales
Minnie gets help from her friends to grow a garden-and to thank them, Minnie prepares something very yummy!

A cuddly stuffed Minnie Mouse is the cover of this friendly little board book featuring Minnie and her friends. Come along as Minnie makes her garden grow with the help of her friends Mickey, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy.

Description from Publisher

Walt Disney's Minnie Follow That Easter Bonnet!

By Ann Braybrooks

What's in My Garden?: A Book of Many Colors (Disney Babies)

(Board Book)

By Scott Tilley
The Disney Babies find all kinds of wonderful things in their garden. Watch aflower change from blue to red to purple to yellow just by turning the pages.

Description from Publisher

Disney Babies: Book of Sounds

(Board Book)

By Penelope Dylan
Beep-Beep! Ring-a-ling! The Disney Babies love to listen to sounds. Toddlers will have fun with this adorable shaped board book.

Description from Publisher

Picture Me Dancing with Minnie

By Don Williams and H. R. Russell

Hats! Hats! Hats!

(Board Book)

By Lynn Offerman
Little eyes will be drawn into watching Minnie Mouse search for the perfect hat! Sparkles on the shimmering pages add a special touch to this shaped board book.

Description from Publisher

Mickey and Minnie's Easter Egg Hunt

Coloring Book


(Disney's Mickey and Friends Storybook)

By Margaret Snyder
In this adaptation of the traditional tale of Cinderella, a lovely peasant girl working as a servant for Duke Donald and his three spoiled nephews serves as heroine.

Description from Publisher

Minnie Mysteries: The Dastardly Dognapper

By Cathy Hapka

Minnie Mysteries: The Flower Prowler

By Cathy Hapka

Minnie Mysteries: The Noisy Attic

By Cathy Hapka

Minnie Mysteries: Mystery of the Missing Masterpiece

By Cathy Hapka
Color Surprise Books are popular interactive Color & Activity books, featuring a Color Reveal Crayon. The fun-to-use patented crayon reveals objects, characters, and hidden messages in beautiful full color.

Description from Publisher

Mickey and Minnie
Paint with Water

Mystery in Midair

(Mickey Mysteries)
Recommended For Ages 9-12

Where is Flight 815? The airplane has disappeared from all radar screens and vanished into thin air. Then the same thing happens to Minnie's flight! Worried for his friend, Mickey volunteers to find out and solve this midair mystery.

Description from Publisher

Mystery of the Secret Treasure

(Mickey Mysteries)
Recommended For Ages 9-12

Mystery of the Garbage Gang

(Mickey Mysteries)
Recommended For Ages 9-12

When Mickey and Minnie start getting anonymous tips about polluters and crooked cops, there's no doubt about it - something fishy is going on! The two detectives play investigative reporters to uncover the truth and get the real story.


(Mickey Mysteries)
Recommended For Ages 9-12

Christmas Is Coming!:
A Fold-Around Pop-Up Book Featuring Mickey Mouse and Friends

By Kay Michaels
With the help of his friends, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Pluto, Mickey Mouse searches desperately for the perfect Christmas present for Minnie, in a pop-up carousel story that folds around to form a free-standing star-shaped Christmas decoration.

Description from Publisher

Disney Babies: Merry Christmas

By Alan Benjamin

Disney Babies : Happy Halloween

By Susan Kueffner

Ballerina Minnie

(Board Book)
Little ones will love looking at the 3-dimensional Minnie Mouse peeking through every page of this charming story!

Description from Publisher

Playground Fun

(See-Through Storybooks)
During their play day at the park, Minnie works much too hard while all her friends play in this humorous story for little children. See-through storybook.

Description from Publisher

Forgive me, Minnie

By Ruth Lerner Perle
Minnie can't find her locket, and has to forgive Daisy for breaking and hiding it.

That Tickles: The Disney Book of Senses

By Cindy West
Mickey and his friends examine each of the five senses with close-ups of Mickey's eyes, Minnie's ears, Goofy's mouth, Daisy's feet, and Donald's hands.

Description from Publisher

The Pop-Up Minnie Mouse: Story and Illustrations
With the help of various animal friends, Mickey and Minnie Mouse save a newly hatched duckling from greedy Clutch the hawk.

An adventure-filled story starring Minnie Mouse accompanies more than twenty pop-up illustrations reproduced in color from the original 1933 edition of the work.

Description from Publisher

Disney's Read-It-Yourself Storybook
Here are six easy-to-read stories featuring Mickey, Donald, and the whole Disney gang all contained in one big volume. Sure to make a child's first independent reading experience a memorable one.

Description from Publisher

Disney's Read-it-yourself Storybook provides kids with a fun set of six stories which are really easy to read for first time readers. Each has Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and friends in a funny setting with a little suprise in each story to keep young readers interested. Very recommended - we've read it at bedtime before my son could read well, and now that he can, we've gone back to it several times.

Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

Minnie - Mini Actividades

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